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7 Modern Papercut Ketubah Ideas for Your Upcoming Wedding

As you plan your wedding, one important item to include is the ketubah.

A papercut ketubah can be a beautiful part of your wedding day. Papercut ketubahs have a long history in Jewish wedding tradition, and they are still a popular choice for many couples.

You aren't limited to traditional styles. Find out more about papercut ketubahs and get some modern ideas that will help you design the perfect ketubah for you and your partner. 

Significance of the Ketubah

The ketubah is an important part of a Jewish wedding. It is significant for the wedding day and throughout the couple's married life.

What Is a Ketubah?

A ketubah is essentially a marriage contract. It specifies the conditions that the husband must meet to adequately care for his wife. Ketubahs have been part of Jewish weddings for thousands of years.

A traditional ketubah includes conditions like providing the wife with food, clothing, and conjugal rights. The ketubah also states the husband's financial obligations if the couple divorces or if he dies before his wife.

Signing the ketubah is a key moment in the Jewish wedding process. It happens before the actual wedding. Two witnesses sign the document. They affirm that the groom meets the conditions in the ketubah and that the bride willingly accepts his proposal.

Today, many couples also sign the ketubah as a sign of their commitment to each other.


Traditionally, a ketubah was written in Aramaic. Aramaic was the common Jewish language in Talmudic times when the ketubah became standardized. Modern ketubahs are often in Hebrew. Many people also choose to have a translation of the text in English or another language significant to the bride and groom.

Displaying the Ketubah

During the ceremony, the signed ketubah is on display under the wedding canopy. Afterward, many couples choose to display it in their home.

In addition to their official significance, ketubahs are often beautiful pieces of art. Hiddur Mitzvah says that Jewish ceremonial art should be as beautiful as possible. Many couples choose to follow this recommendation in designing their ketubah.

Why Choose a Papercut Ketubah?

Having a papercut ketubah is a timeless option for making your marriage contract into a beautiful artwork. 

Papercutting is a traditional way to decorate ketubahs that goes back to the Middle Ages. At its most basic, papercutting is an artistic technique that creates designs by cutting paper with a knife or scissors.

Some artists still cut their papercut ketubahs by hand. However, professional papercut ketubahs today are usually laser cut. The technique combines one or two layers of laser-cut paper over a printed page that has the ketubah text and other design elements.

Modern laser cut technology can create more delicate and intricate designs than were possible before. It also makes papercut ketubah more affordable.

Modern Papercut Ketubah Ideas

Many people think of papercut ketubahs as traditional. You can incorporate modern design elements into your ketubah to create a contemporary version of this artform. Your ketubah should reflect you and your partner's vision for your wedding day and your married life together.

1. Bright Colors

One current trend in wedding planning is color. Many couples are avoiding traditional whites and creams and choosing a more vivid palette for their wedding decor.

A papercut ketubah can incorporate color in several ways. Typically, the papercut design is white, and the printed page underneath is colored. The papercut stands out better this way. The text of the ketubah itself can also be in color.

2. Pastels

Bold colors are an up-and-coming trend, but pastels maintain their popularity. Pastels work well on the printed page below your papercut design. Avoid pastels for the text of the ketubah, though. The text can become more difficult to read.

Whether you prefer bright colors or pastels, consider choosing a color for your ketubah that matches the color scheme for the rest of your wedding decor. It will bring additional beauty when it's on display in the wedding tent. It will be an even more significant reminder of your special day when you look at it afterward.

3. Greenery

Incorporating greenery with or instead of floral displays is another modern wedding trend. A papercut ketubah can feature greenery in the cut design. Vines, leaves, and other plant elements stand out well against a colored background.

Greenery creates a look that is natural but also elegant.

4. Watercolors

Incorporating watercolors into wedding details like invitations and place cards is another trend that remains popular. Watercolors have a dreamy, romantic look that makes them especially attractive for weddings.

You can choose a papercut ketubah with a watercolor page underneath the cut design. Whether hand-painted or printed, a watercolor background adds a touch of sentimentality to your ketubah.

5. Geometric Designs

Geometric shapes are one more modern design element for weddings. Geometric designs work well for papercut art. You can choose a design that complements other elements in your decor, or you can choose contrasting shapes.

6. Personalized Text

Personalization is a quality that modern couples look for in their wedding ceremony. This desire includes the ketubah.

Most papercut ketubah artists will offer more than one version of the ketubah text. You can choose a version of the text that reflects you and your partner. Texts include options like Orthodox, Reform, Interfaith, secular, and same-sex versions.

Within the given options, your ketubah artist may be able to further personalize your text.

You can also choose which language or languages you want. As many as three languages are often possible. You'll have a ketubah that is both meaningful and understandable.

7. Quality Craftsmanship

Like personalization, couples today want quality in all aspects of their wedding experience. With many weddings being necessarily smaller, every detail counts.

A papercut ketubah from a true artist gives you the quality craftsmanship you're looking for. Don't settle for an impersonal internet site or someone who got on Etsy just to make a little extra money. An experienced papercut ketubah artist will create a quality work of art with significance for you and your partner.

Choosing a Papercut Ketubah

When you're ready to start looking for a papercut ketubah, you have a lot of choices. You and your partner deserve an artist who understands the significance of the ketubah and will help you design one that is perfect for you.

MP Artworks has been creating quality ketubahs for decades. Check out our selection of traditional and modern papercut ketubahs. Let us help you design a lasting work of art for your wedding day and your married life together.

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