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Ketubah Designs That You'll Love for Your Wedding

While marriage rates in the US are declining overall, Jewish Americans are still getting married at a steady rate. In fact, about 55% of the American Jewish population is married! This is in contrast to their goyim counterparts, whose marriage rate is below 50% and still dropping.

This means that traditional Jewish wedding ceremonies are as resilient and relevant as ever, which makes the ketubah wedding contract a contemporary necessity.

These texts also can be aesthetically pleasing artwork for Jewish couples everywhere. Read on to learn about some ketubah designs that you're sure to love displaying in your home!

Classic Circular Designs

If you want a traditional ketubah design, there's nothing more appealing than a classic circle. These designs display your text within a circular frame in any color that you choose. Combining old-fashioned and modern elements for a well-rounded look, these ketubahs use a blend of European and Persian styles.

Circular designs come in a multitude of colors. Additionally, the ring can represent the neverending love that you and your spouse have for one another, much like a wedding ring does.

If your contract is a bit longer, you can also get two circles that interlock with one another. These circles come in the same style as single ones do they have the exact same ornamentation and colors. Do your research and decide what's right for you!

Trees of Life

It's universally acknowledged that trees are symbolic of life. They also are incredibly resilient, having the capacity to sustain themselves for centuries in an ever-growing and ever-changing world.

This makes them the perfect symbol of love for your ketubah. Our 'Tree of Life' design features a minimalistic tree design that stands strong and tall amidst the words of your contract. When displaying your ketubah, these designs look great with any decor scheme!

There are other tree designs that you can browse on our webpage, too, including mosaic-style prints and those with interlocking branches. Tree-inspired ketubahs are some of the most popular ones out there, so you have many options to choose from!

Flowers and Nature

Along with tree motifs, floral ketubahs are incredibly popular. They're yet another symbol of life and love, and flowers are by and large considered to be romantic.

Floral designs also tend to go well with pretty much any interior decor scheme, so you have nothing to worry about when displaying your ketubah in any room around the home.

We offer many different floral ketubahs, but one of our personal favorites is the 'Adoration' design. This ketubah features two beautiful blooms, one to represent you and one to represent your love. They look gorgeous on a violet background as well!

The World and More

When you love someone as you love your new spouse, they can feel like your whole world. You also can feel as though you would go to the ends of the Earth and back for them. This is a natural and healthy part of a lifelong union, and it deserves to be celebrated!

That's why we offer ketubahs like the 'To the Ends of the Earth' design. Featuring your contract text beside a realistic world map, these ketubahs show that you would go anywhere and do anything for your loved one.

They're also perfect for couples that love travel and want to see the world together. Express your love and passion with one of these designs and remind yourself why your ketubah contract is so important.

Stained Glass Styles

If you want to shed a little bit of light onto your marriage, consider getting a ketubah that's made to look like stained glass. A great example of this is the 'Tribal Tree' design, which is made up of geometric shapes in many light hues.

These ketubahs are perfect for displaying beside windows or in rooms that have a lot of natural light. They're absolutely stunning in every conceivable way!

Like a Painting

You also can get some gorgeous ketubahs that are made specifically to look like oil paintings. There are designs made to look like tropical paintings and other natural landscapes. You can also get paintings made to look like specific world locations, many of which have quotes from the Torah and other scripts on them.

If you and your partner love to go exploring and see new things, this is a great way to express your eternal wanderlust. It also is an excellent choice for those that simply want to decorate their homes with landscape-esque paintings. Your ketubah will blend right in with the rest of your home decor and look beautiful!

Canvas Ketubahs

A framed and hung ketubah is awesome for display purposes, but there is also another option to look into: canvas.

If you want to go all-out with making your ketubah a work of art, a canvas contract might be right for you. These ketubahs are protected with a special matte varnish and come in many different styles. You can choose from museum wrap, gallery wrap, or canvas framed ketubahs.

Each and every one of our designs is available on canvas, too, so there's no shortage of what you can choose!

Texts for Ketubah Designs

No matter who you are, displaying your contract in your home as a reminder of your responsibilities to your spouse is a great idea. With our many gorgeous ketubah designs, this contract will also double as an artistic decoration!

Click here to view the many kinds of ketubah texts that we offer. Whether you're an orthodox or traditional Jewish couple, an interfaith marriage, or a same-sex partnership, we'll put your contract on any beautiful keepsake design you choose. If you have any lingering questions about your ketubah, be sure to reach out and talk to our experts!

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