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7 Tips for Choosing a Ketubah Design for Your Wedding

Your Jewish wedding is coming up and there is one thing you absolutely cannot miss out on, the ketubah. Traditionally the ketubah has been a marriage contract where the groom guarantees the bride certain minimum human and financial conditions. Many modern couples now use the ketubah as a statement of the wedding vows and their commitment to each other.

Not only is this a marriage contract, but it is also a beautiful piece of art that you will want to cherish. Choosing a ketubah design for your wedding can be a lot of work, here are 7 tips to help you out:

1. Decide Your Preferences

Planning your wedding is all about deciding what is most important to you. Your wedding should be filled with your preferences. This includes deciding what ketubah to choose.

Decide what is most important to you when considering a ketubah for your wedding. For example, is the ketubah design the most important thing? Are you on a tight budget? Consider these questions when deciding what your preferences are.

2. Make a Budget

Let's face it, weddings aren't cheap. Create a ketubah design budget before doing your shopping. A budget is an important aspect of choosing a ketubah because they can range in price from anywhere between $10 to $4000 or more.

A standard Orthodox ketubah from the local Judaica store will be pretty cheap. You could also get a certificate from your rabbi for a low price. Using traditional ketubahs may just be exactly what you are looking for on your big day.

Modern ketubah designs won't be as inexpensive. Pieces that are more art-oriented start around $100 and go up from there.

Personalization is also something to consider when deciding on a ketubah. If you want average customization, you could spend around $350 or more. Fully customized ketubahs with hand calligraphy can be around $4000.

Think about your preferences when choosing ketubah so that your budget can match your needs. Consider all the types of ketubah design options there are.

3. Order in Advance

You probably have a lot to plan when it comes to the wedding, and deciding on a ketubah is not any different. Planning what you want in advance so that your order can be ready promptly is important.

Getting exactly what you want will take time, especially if there is customization involved. You should place your order at least 6-8 weeks in advance to ensure you get your ketubah in time. It is also important to consider where the ketubah is being shipped to when thinking about timing.

When planning Jewish weddings, it is better to get this part done in advance. The options for ketubah design become limited the longer you wait. Preparing the perfect ketubah for your wedding will take time, so be sure to order in advance.

4. Ketubah Design

Perhaps one of the most important tips when choosing a ketubah is deciding on a ketubah design. Ketubahs have so many different styles.

Ketubahs can be very traditional or have a modern feel to them. They can be very simple for a small wedding or intricate for the designer wedding of your dreams. The ketubah design may be inspired by popular artists such as Andy Warhol.

A ketubah design should be decided on as a couple. What style speaks to both of you most? Realizing what your style is as a couple is the first way to figure out what style of ketubah you will be most interested in.

If you are torn and unsure about what style you want, research a couple!

5. Consider Uniqueness

Your wedding day should be all about you and one to remember for the rest of your life. The uniqueness of a wedding makes it stick in the mind more. It can also make the day more personalized.

The same goes when choosing a ketubah design for your wedding day. If you have a higher ketubah budget, consider a unique ketubah.

Custom ketubahs can between $500 and $4000 depending on the artist. You can find an artist that adds personal details to make your ketubah as unique as possible. For example, adding your wedding date or names to the artistic part of the design of your ketubah could be a sweet personalization that adds uniqueness.

If you do decide to find an artist to custom design your ketubah, ask about the time frame. You may need to get this done even earlier than expected because a custom ketubah design could take as long as half a year to finish. Look for a company that offers a quick turn-around time if you are in a rush.

6. Ask Your Rabbi

If you feel completely lost when it comes to a ketubah, ask your rabbi. They often will know of reputable ketubah makers who will work to make sure your ketubah text perfectly works with the ketubah design.

If you haven't already found a rabbi to be the officiant for your wedding, get it done before ordering a ketubah. A rabbi needs to be consulted beforehand, especially for Orthodox or Conservative ketubahs.

Some rabbis may have a preference for the ketubah text. They could also have restrictions or specifications for the ketubah design. For example, Orthodox rabbis require a certain text and text style.

7. Think About Artists You Love

The easiest way to start finding a ketubah that is right for you is to think about the artists you know that you love. Art is a great way to decide on a ketubah design.

Different ketubah artists specialize in different things. If you love calligraphy and text, find artists that work with that specifically.

Other design specialties for a ketubah include watercolors, fluid brushstrokes, impressionism, and more. Even ketubahs inspired by the archives of Judaism are options. Newer and more modern ketubahs have paint swash designs that are inspired by artists like Jackson Pollack and Mark Rothko.

Get Your Perfect Ketubah

The perfect ketubah for you and your spouse is out there. Keep these tips in mind when deciding on a ketubah design for your wedding.

Make the day as special as possible with the perfect ketubah. For more information on ketubah designs, contact MP Artworks

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