Ketubah Texts for All Types of Ceremonies

Each ketubah text below is available with any our ketubah designs. Click on the links to view the text(s) of your choice.

(For a good "starting point," read our advice on "How to Choose the Ketubah Text That Is Right for You.")

Some things to keep in mind:

  • Each of the texts can be paired with any of our ketubah designs, with one exception:
    • Orthodox (No English) and Conservative (No English) are not available on designs that have two separate text areas, such as Rings of Life and Love 2. Dividing the Traditional Aramaic text into two separate areas is not allowed under Jewish Law.
  • Personalization -- i.e., we fill your names, date and location into the ketubah text -- is available for all ketubahs.
  • If you don’t see your "perfect" text, you can choose to write your own custom ketubah text. Just like in school -- make sure you don’t copy other artists’ work.


Same-Sex Ketubah Texts

View our most popular commitment ketubah designs.

Anniversary Ketubah Texts

View our most popular anniversary ketubah designs.
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