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5 Reasons Why A Modern Ketubah Is Perfect for Your Interfaith Wedding

If you are an interfaith couple and one person was traditionally raised Jewish, signing a modern ketubah is likely to be one of the main elements taking place on your special day.

A ketubah, or a Jewish wedding contract, is a document going back two thousand years that binds a newly married couple to each other. Of course, the legal matter of the wedding ketubah has faded, but it is still a main part of a typical Jewish wedding ceremony.

Because of that, some interfaith couples may think that having a ketubah for weddings would not fit them they are incorrect.

There are many ways that a ketubah can fit interfaith families and part of making a ketubah design is knowing how you want this part of a tradition to fit your life as a married couple.

Here are five reasons why you need a wedding ketubah for your interfaith wedding.

1. It Rejuvenates a Tradition

The ketubah has a long history and gone through many changes in the last few thousand years.

On top of its historical significance, in modern weddings, it is a statement of the couple's vows and a declaration of each other's love. If you choose to sign a ketubah as part of your wedding preparations, you can use your ketubah as an opportunity to continue the ketubah's tradition into your own unique wedding.

While there can be challenges in planning interfaith weddings, the matter of a ketubah is a personal choice that can fit well in your families' traditions and the traditions you will create together as a new couple.

2. You Create a Piece of Art That Will Bring Memories

A ketubah is not just a contract, it can also be a beautiful piece of art! Ketubahs are not just a piece of paper that more fits legal documents from back in the day. A modern ketubah design can be made with all kinds of art styles, materials, colors, and so much more.

You can either have art in the center of the document, such as an artistically-rendered tree or hamsa, or you can choose art that will instead frame the text that will be written on the ketubah. From pop art and minimalist to papercut and watercolor, there is no limit to the kinds of designs that can be placed on a wedding ketubah. 

3. You Choose the Text That Fits You as a Couple

There are some traditional texts that are used in Orthodox, Conservative, and Reform ketubahs for a fully Jewish ceremony that may not exactly fit an interfaith wedding. There are some ketubah texts that will perfectly fit your interfaith wedding, whether it is pre-written or done with custom text.

With this type of document, not everything in the full text will be changed since there are aspects of a wedding ketubah that are necessary for it. Some elements in the text that will likely stay the same are:

  • The secular and Hebrew dates
  • The bride and her parent's names
  • The groom and his parent's names
  • The names of the witnesses
  • A statement stating the document is legal and binding
  • The rabbi or officiant's signature

These texts can come either with Hebrew and English text or just English text if you desire. In addition, the text that you use can be as traditional or romantic and contemporary as you want.

While the traditional texts typically included the rights and obligations of the bride and groom, modern ketubahs will leave this out and instead include spiritual covenants written in egalitarian language that will leave out mentions that are Jewish-only.

4. Use It as a Decoration for Your Home

While displaying your beautiful modern ketubah at your wedding, once it's over, you need to figure out what to do with it. After all, a ketubah is a document you are meant to cherish for the rest of your marriage. One great solution to this is to buy a frame to place your signed modern ketubah in.

Once you get a frame, hang it up on the wall in your home to be displayed as a piece of a memory of the best day of your life. Since the ketubah is a document meant to mean something personal to you as a couple, why not show it off? 

5. Because You Want To!

Like the wedding dress, venue, food to eat, and wedding cake, signing a ketubah on your wedding day is a choice that only you as an interfaith couple can make. Choosing to get one should not feel like a compromise. It should feel like something that is worth the money and effort to have.

Do not feel pressured to have a ketubah signed at your wedding just because one side of the family feels it is a non-negotiable necessity. If you do want to have one, start choosing one four to six months before your wedding so you can have it on time for your big day.

Create Your Modern Ketubah With Us

Creating a modern ketubah for weddings, especially for interfaith weddings, requires a lot of thought about what will be written inside it. Yet, a ketubah is a once in a lifetime opportunity to unite your two unique families as one, add variety to an ancient tradition, and have a meaningful artifact of the best day of your life that you would be proud to display in your home.

If you want to create a beautiful modern ketubah for your wedding, visit our online store to see the designs, extra features, and texts we are able to offer.

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