Nicole Gordon

Ketubah Artist

Nicole Gordon is an accomplished fine artist whose pieces are held in more than 40 private collections throughout the U.S. She came to find MP Artworks the same way many of our clients do -- via the Internet. (Her brother was getting married, and she was in search of a studio willing to print one of her designs on a chuppah.)

This collaboration on a very personal project soon led to a more professional arrangement, and her ketubah designs were among the first to be featured on MP Artworks' sites, along with those of founding artist Micah Parker.

A University of Michigan grad whose work is on display at Chicago's Spertus Museum, Nicole enjoys the opportunity to explore her environment and heritage via her very eclectic spin on the ancient medium of ketubah art.

"The ever-changing subject matter of my artwork is a reflection of how immediate environment and my cultural heritage, expression of spirituality, and recollection of childhood memories affect my notions of self," she writes. "My paintings incorporate the marriage of my interest in literature, spirituality and the sensory qualities of [my] environment ... with my position as a first-generation American Jew [and] woman and with my memories of family and youth.

"My personal history, past experiences and ancestral heritage are not always the subject matter of my artwork but remain latent within the images upon canvas and paper. Much of my recent painting has taken a rather lighthearted approach into which I add collage to explore universally nostalgic images of childhood experience and memory."

She continues, "I work primarily in oils and acrylics, often incorporating media such as ink, wax, crayon, pastel and collage into my paintings. I paint small-scale works on paper, as well as ... large-scale artwork on canvas."

Nicole's most recent ketubot for MP Artworks have incorporated the ancient medium of encaustic. She explains, "I have begun to explore the notion of 'sculptural painting,' in which the painting moves into the space of the viewer ... breaking down the barriers between flat, two-dimensional work and sculptural, three-dimensional work."


When the Earth Is Still Ketubah by Nicole Gordon.


When the Earth Is Still Ketubah

by Nicole Gordon

Treetop Lullaby Ketubah by Nicole Gordon.


Treetop Lullaby Ketubah

by Nicole Gordon

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