Victoria Corbett

Ketubah Artist

Victoria Corbett is an illustrator/fine artist who grew up in the rural town of Windsor, Berkshire, England. She attended Maidenhead College of Art and Design, which is now part of London University. During the early years, she spent great amounts of time doing the one thing she loved most -- drawing. Her creations were inspired by everything around her -- strange and eccentric people, beautiful architecture and trees, and the far away places she visited with her family.

After traveling for several years, she settled in Austin, Texas, where her career as an artist grew into its own. In the winter of 2003 she produced her first t-shirt for a local art bazaar, which sold out within days of production. This inspired Victoria to create a full line of hand silk screened products, such as shirts, scarves, pants and pillows, just to name a few. The line blossomed quickly due to its wide appeal. Victoria has now had the opportunity to branch out into other areas of art and design including, now, ketubahs. When not working on new products for her line, Victoria is busy with graphic design work, branding, lettering, murals, and commissioned fine art.

Much of her work is based around composition and color, which is used to express a feeling or a thought. The designs are simple yet well executed. Her influences include turn of the century illustrated manuals, Asian art of all kinds, and hand drawn Illustrations from the likes of Edward Gorey.


A Perfect Pair I Ketubah by Victoria Corbett.


A Perfect Pair I Ketubah

by Victoria Corbett

For You III Ketubah by Victoria Corbett.


For You III Ketubah

by Victoria Corbett

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