Destiny Ketubah by Micah Parker.
Destiny Ketubah
by Micah Parker

A Secular (Nonreligious) Ketubah
and Wedding Certificate Primer

If you are looking for your perfect Secular (Nonreligious) ketubah or wedding certificate you’ve arrived at the right place!

(Plus, if you need your Secular (Nonreligious) ketubah or wedding certificate quickly, you still landed in the right place: Read this page and then check out our “last minute” options.)

We offer one of the widest varieties of designs and texts – plus personalization and custom options -- on or off the ‘Net.

"Your Ketubah. Your Way."

How It Works

  1. Choose the artwork you like best.

  2. Pick your Secular (Nonreligious) text. (Secular Nonreligious texts are an option available with all of our ketubah designs. Note: Our Secular Nonreligious texts are a non-religious, egalitarian expression of the couple's commitment that can apply universally to all faiths.)

  3. Decide which ketubah options are right for you.

We take care of the rest.

Secular (Nonreligious) and Wedding Certificate Ketubah Primer:
• How It Works
• Ketubah Options
• Links to Get Started

Free ketubah catalog available here!

Ketubah Options

  • The Ketubah Studio premium line offers more than 150 artistic ketubah designs, two different Secular (Nonreligious) text choices (English-only) and a full menu of ketubah options, including:

    • The ability to order a mini-sample of the ketubah art -- featuring a random ketubah text -- if you’d like to preview art in person before you place your order.

    • And more!

Take me to the Ketubah Studio gallery!

Additional links to get you started:

- Ketubah Personalization & Custom Options (An Illustrated Guide)
- Overview of Secular (Nonreligious) Ketubah Texts
- Personalization – Information You Need to Provide for Secular (Nonreligious) Ketubah Texts
- Ketubah 101 – How to Order a Ketubah (General Check List)

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