Rhythmic | Judith Mullen

"We are given the blessing of sharing this passage through time and space, never too far apart that our hands do not touch, for wherever we may wander, we go with love." -- Diane Westlake

The simple, practical and, at times, vigorous act of walking takes the artist to the edges of her environment in an effort to connect with the natural world's cycles. During these walks she is drawn to rocks and cracks in the Earth, which remind her that rocks are a layer of skin on our planet's surface and that her journeys, too, will become another stratum of geological history: artifacts that were once a community.

By applying oil and enamel paints to board, she explores the relationships that become accessible through interaction... both accidental and incidental. The variation of line and the altering of shape give weight and vitality to each individual mark, which together create an energetic community with interacting forms.
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