Twilight in the Clouds | Micah Parker

Design: Twilight in the Clouds
Artist: Micah Parker
Print: Original Giclée
Edition: 950
Artwork Size: 28" x17"
Beauty and majesty often occur in unexpected places and at unexpected times.

I was traveling alone on a three-hour flight down the east coast: I wasn't happy about flying. I wasn't happy about the destination. I wasn't happy about sitting in a middle seat in coach. And I really wasn't happy that the battery on my iPod decided to run out.

With nothing better to do, I looked out the window, and I was treated an awesome sight. The setting sun had become ribbons of yellow, orange, red and white light ? streaking across the horizon and separating the sky into what looked like two atmospheres, with clouds above and clouds below. I sat there awestruck and watched until the sun was just a glowing orange band separating the ever-darkening clouds.

I knew I had to recreate this scene as a work of art, but the weeks ahead were not going to afford me the time to do so. Whether the image was just so powerful (or I stared at it for so long), it stayed with me, and months later I am able to share it.
While Micah Parker may be best known, in some circles, for his ketubah works, his full portfolio adds another dimension to a growing reputation ? that of an artist who displays a commanding grasp of numerous and far-flung styles.

His broad repertoire is inspired by the array of artistic styles he appreciates as a viewer: Claude Monet?s sun-dappled impressionism, Vincent van Gogh?s exaggerated reality, Henri Matisse?s vivid modernism, M.C. Escher?s tweaking of perceptions, Theodore Geisel?s whimsicality and Romero Britto?s pop culture-infused cubism.

These preferences manifest themselves in his work. Micah?s penchant for intricate, mathematics-based art is counterbalanced by the challenges (and relinquishing of ?control?) he enjoys during the creation of more expressionistic pieces. Pseudo-realism ? realistic textures and colors, even when the subject matter may not be real ? and fanciful interpretations of the everyday are also present, and his frequent use of Hebrew letters as symbolic, gra... read more

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