Bring on the Bright | Lisa Loudermilk

Budget: 16" x 16"
Standard: 20" x 20"
Canvas: 20" x 20"

A whimsical, abstract work with elements similar to Hunderwasser, Klimt, Kandisky, and Klee, "Bring on the Bright" by Lisa Loudermilk is a bright, happy, colorful ketubah. A lone tree with swirling branches and new, green leaves sits atop a hill covered in a meadow of circular flowers in shades of orange, green, and red. Perched on one of the brances, a gray songbird heralds the rising sun just peaking in the valley. The sky is yellow behind the sunrise, moving to orange and a deep red at the top of the design. The pale, full moon in the upper right leads the eye to discover little stars in the remaining moments before daybreak. The rectangular ketubah text is to the left of the tree, in the sky.

"I dropped my one applied art class in college because the supplies were too expensive. I took an art history minor, but never got past Europe in the 1500's in my studies.

A decade later, I began working for an artist/my future husband in an administrative role. Initially I immersed myself in contemporary art through museums, galleries, art libraries, journals, the internet and art fairs.

My own artwork began as a primitivist experiment. Instead of a curriculum or lessons, I relied on intuition. Techniques I could have learned in class in a day took months to discover. But a unique personal style developed because I never heard 'you can't do that.'

While learning technique, I focused on landscapes without knowing why. Eventually I realized they were my escape from the complications of the man-made world. The abstracts are an logical extension of that escapism.

Art's value ranges from decorative to transcendental. I'm grateful for people who stop to take comfort in my work."

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