...and My Beloved is Mine II | Micah Parker

...and My Beloved is Mine II
Micah Parker
Original Giclée print of Silk Crepe de Chine
Silk Crepe de Chine
72" x 72"
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This contemporary display of classic design, incorporating antique elements in a modern interpretation, is a blend of European renaissance and Persian ornament. The chuppah design is a beautiful representation of the double ring ceremony in which both partners exchange rings to symbolize their mutual respect of one another, the wholeness achieved through marriage, and their hope for an unbroken bond and lifetime commitment. The interconnection of the two rings tenderly signifies the union of two lives forever entwined, who both retain their own individuality but at the same time form a stronger, united soul.
In just a short period of time, Micah Parker has become recognized as a leading ketubah artist with fresh, stunning designs that are unlike any others on the market. His modern interpretation of this traditional art form is being welcomed by today's generation of brides and grooms around the world. One of his ketubah designs, Renaissance, is featured in the Associated American Jewish Museum's traveling exhibition of ketubot, and his work was chosen by a national search firm to be featured on the front cover of a 5760 Hebrew calendar. His artwork has also been featured in several publications and on television during TLC?s A Wedding Story. Micah is originally from Middletown, Ohio. There, he began his endeavors as an artist at the age of three. He moved with his family to Austin, Texas in the early 1980s, where his high school created a new art program to accommodate his desire to learn and the skill he exhibited with acrylics, colored pencils and pastels. As he completed his art education, he was eager to begin his career as an artist. However, at his parents' request, he entered the family manufacturing business. He worked there... read more
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