Personalizing Your Secular (Nonreligious) Ketubah Text

Although there are many options as to how your text can be completed, the way you list information on your order form is EXACTLY how it will appear in your ketubah.

For example, if you list your first name as a nickname (such as "Larry" instead of "Lawrence"), that is what we will print. We strongly suggest using proper names.

We will, of course, furnish you with a proof of your text for final approval before we print your ketubah.

English Names:

  • We need your given names and your parents' names. The bride will always use her maiden name or other current name. (She does not adopt the groom's name for purposes of the ketubah.) In English, for example, one party's name might read something like "Miriam Alicia Bernstein, daughter of Rebecca and Isaac."

  • We do not include grandparents' names because it gets too wordy.

There are many small variations.

1. Middle Names: The decision of whether or not to use either of your middle names is yours.

2. Parents' Names: With regard to your parents' names, you may choose not to use them at all. If you wish to name your parents, please provide only their first names. This eliminates confusion when parents are divorced, the mother is using her maiden name as her middle name, etc. It also makes the texts flow more nicely.

3. Also, if you are using parents' names, please note that the proper order is mother's name before father's name.

Ceremony Date and Location:

We also ask for information regarding the date of your wedding ceremony so we can include this information in the ketubah text.


Ketubah Personalization Form (Secular, Nonreligious version)

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