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Ketubah text personalyzed by MP Artworks.

Example of a Personalized Ketubah Text

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Ketubah text personalyzed by MP Artworks.

Example of a Unpersonalized Ketubah Text

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Ketubah Personalization: Let Us Fill in Your Ketubah Text

Don’t worry about finding a calligrapher (or about the readability your officiant’s handwriting): Let us fill in your ketubah text for you!

What is ketubah “personalization”?

"Personalization" is our term for filling in all of the blanks in the ketubah text... except the signatures, of course.

A personalized ketubah has all of the appropriate spaces in the text completed for you -- the who, what, when and where for your wedding.

Why personalize? When we fill in your ketubah, your names and wedding information become part of overall ketubah, plus, you get to see a proof of your text in advance. (That means there are no last-minute ketubah-related surprises!)

How does MP Artworks "personalize" ketubah texts? (Does a calligrapher fill in texts by hand?)

You provide us with your names, wedding date and location, and we incorporate all of this into your text before your ketubah is actually created.

How does this differ from pre-printed ketubot?

Personalized texts on a typical lithograph ketubah are usually completed by hand. (This is done by a calligrapher or the artist who designed the ketubah.) Although this adds a personal touch, your ketubah can have a "filled-in" look.

You see, before the lithographs are made, the text -- with all the blanks in it -- is usually handwritten into the design. The design (and blank) text is then printed over and over as a lithograph. When a couple chooses such a ketubah design, a calligrapher or their officiant then completes the blanks by hand.

The problem? Words are stretched or compressed to fit the available space, which doesn't always result in the best appearance.

For instance, you may be getting married in the Hebrew month of Av, or maybe the secular month of May, and your name is Sara Katz, but the spaces the calligrapher has allotted have to be big enough to squeeze in "Cheshvan," "December" and "Azriela Baurenbaum."

We don't preprint anything! When you order your ketubah from us, we make the text fit your names, dates, etc. -- not the other way around. The end result is a truly personalized ketubah that is made specifically for you.



First: Consult with your rabbi or officiant. He or she may require you to use a specific text or require your ketubah text to be personalized in a particular way.

Next: Take a look at the guidelines below, specific to the type of ketubah text you plan to order (Orthodox or Conservative, Reform, Interfaith, Secular Humanistic, Secular Nonreligious, Commitment or Anniversary):

• Orthodox and Conservative Ketubah Texts
• Reform Ketubah Texts
• Interfaith Ketubah Texts
• Secular Humanistic Ketubah Texts
• Secular Nonreligious Ketubah Texts
• Commitment Ketubah Texts
• Anniversary Ketubah Text



Ketubah Personalization Form

When you order a personalized ketubah, you will be provided with a link to an online personalization form (or printable PDF personalization form, depending on your preference.

You will receive the form specific to the type of text you choose, and the information you will be asked to supply will be exactly what is needed for your chosen text. (That is: You are not asked for Hebrew names if you have chosen an English-only text. You're not asked for the bride's status if you've chosen a Reform text, and so on.)

M any people like to see the personalization form prior to ordering.

Below is a link to the PDF form appropriate for Orthodox or Conservative weddings. It is much like a "standard" personalization form supplied by other ketubah retailers and artists. You can download forms appropriate to the type of text you will use by going to "What are the personalization options for MY text?" and choosing the type of text that is appropriate for you. You should also read Ketubah 101 for a quick overview of all of the info you will need to know when ordering a ketubah.

Ketubah Personalization Form


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