My Gallery

Create your own ketubah gallery and brochure!

Trying to narrow down your ketubah choices and want to get the opinions of your friends and family?

Use MP Artworks' "My Gallery" feature to organize your top picks -- and during repeat visits, you won't have to surf the entire site to find the ones you liked best. When you get to a detail page of a ketubah design you like, click on the option to "Add to My Gallery."

When you first set up your "My Gallery," you will be asked for your wedding date and e-mail address and instructed to create a password. The inclusion of your wedding date will let our database delete your gallery 30 days after your wedding has passed. The e-mail address and password allow you future access to your "My Gallery" page and are not stored in such a way where we can access it. (You don't have to worry about being added to any mailing lists.)

After you have created your personal "My Gallery" page, you can give access to that special someone-to-be or family and friends by giving them your e-mail address and password. They will, in turn, be able to add ketubah pieces they like, or delete the ones they don't.

Additionally, you can even print your own custom brochure from your "My Gallery" page.

"My Gallery" also works with any of the other products we carry on our site. It's just one more feature that we hope will make your experience with MP Artworks even better!

To login to your "My Gallery" use the "my gallery" link at the top of every page, or click here.