Miscellaneous Questions

Monitor Colors

Everyone's monitor is slightly different, and most calibration settings are not the same. What may look like maroon on your screen could be orange on someone else's. Unless you happen to have the calibration software for the printer we use, you will not get a perfectly accurate color representation on your screen. Note: Computers running Windows OS with CRT monitors usually show colors darker and bluer than they really are.

If you have any concerns, you may wish to purchase a sample of the design in which you are interested or contact us for a catalog or product line brochure. (Our brochures may not feature all of our designs, so please let us know if you are interested in a particular one.) Keep in mind, the same holds true for any other site you may visit.



Ketubah Catalog Colors

Due to different printing processes, the actual colors of our ketubot and chuppot may not exactly match the colors represented in our brochures and catalogs, but they are extremely close.



Ketubah Catalog Requests

We’d be happy to send you a free catalog or brochure. Just contact us, and ask for the product lines in which you are interested!

Please note: Our Web site is generally going to be more up-to-date and contain all of our current products. Since we are constantly adding new products, our brochures are only as up-to-date as when they are printed, which is about once a year.

However, we understand that sometimes there is no substitute for actual paper. Our catalogs and brochures can be excellent reference tools, so please ask us for one!

Remember, you can add ketubot to “My Gallery” and then print your own personalized catalog from there.



Wholesale Orders

We have a limited selection of MP Artworks merchandise available for resale through synagogue gift shops and other retail outlets. Please contact us for an Authorized Dealer brochure with wholesale pricing information.


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