Millie Marnin

Ketubah Artist

Millie Marnin began painting in 1991, after 25 years as a mother, housewife, economist and lawyer. During those years she found an outlet for her creativity as a passionate gardener -- always designing and planting more gardens and landscapes than she could maintain. Gardening nourished her love of the variety, symmetry, harmony, exuberance and serenity of nature. Watching the annual cycle of growth, decline and rebirth in Northern gardens created a respect and understanding of fundamental life processes.

She studied painting at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and in the studios of Sanford Roth and Lois Gordon.

Millie now lives, gardens and paints in Chicago and in a semi-rural area of Massachusetts, in the Connecticut River Valley. She paints as she gardens, enjoying the visual and tactile sensuousness of each: looking for happy accidents and learning the limits of control and appreciation for the moment.


Savannah Dawn Ketubah by Millie Marnin.


Savannah Dawn Ketubah

by Millie Marnin

Evening Savannah Ketubah by Millie Marnin.


Evening Savannah Ketubah

by Millie Marnin

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