Need a ketubah tomorrow? Call us. We can help.

We define “last minute” a little differently.

  • If your wedding is taking place within the week, give us a call: While the “Ketubah Tomorrow” option is always available, we may be able to provide you with even more options and choices – depending on the time of year and our production schedule.
  • If you have more than a week to go before your wedding – but less than two -- give us a call: We can usually deliver any design on the site as an unpersonalized ketubah, i.e. we haven’t filled in the names, dates, etc. However, there is still a strong chance – again, depending on the time of year and our production schedule -- we can do the personalization for you.
  • You may have to spring for special delivery shipping, but we don’t charge extra for our special ketubah rush service!
Free ketubah catalog available here!
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1. DON’T PANIC: Many couples end up ordering their ketubot at the last minute because they hadn’t discussed it with their rabbi or cantor until this point or because they were so busy planning all the other aspects of their wedding. Even if your wedding is this weekend, we can usually deliver a ketubah to you on time!

2. SELECT FROM THE FOLLOWING DESIGNS: Each of the designs below can be created and shipped to you that same day, as long as you place your order by noon Eastern Time.
    • Since the names, dates and locations are not filled-in (the ketubah is “unpersonalized”), each of the designs features a white background and either navy or black text to make it easier for the calligrapher or officiant who eventually fills in this information.

Ketubah Studio Designs

  • Abstraction Ketubah
  • Emanu-El Ketubah
  • Jerusalem Sunrise Ketubah
  • Joyful Heart Ketubah
  • Legacy of Wonder Ketubah
  • Many Waters Ketubah
  • Mazel Tov! Ketubah
  • Moorish Ketubah
  • Sturdy Foundation Ketubah
  • When the Earth Is Still Ketubah
Legacy of Wonder Ketubah by Nicole Gordon.
Legacy of Wonder Ketubah by Nicole Gordon

ketubah 4less Designs (All start at $99!)

  • Celtic 1 Ketubah
  • Celtic 2 Ketubah
  • Dodi Li 1 Ketubah
  • Dodi Li 2 Ketubah
  • Emanuel 1 Ketubah
Emanuel 1 Ketubah by Micah Parker
Emanuel 1 Ketubah by Micah Parker
3. CHOOSE YOUR TEXT: Read through the texts below, and choose the one that is most appropriate for your ceremony. The limited selection available through this program represents our more popular texts.

    Ketubah Studio Designs

    • Orthodox IV
    • Conservative IV
    • Reform IV
    • Interfaith IV

    ketubah 4less Designs (All start at $99!)

    • Orthodox B
    • Conservative B
    • Reform B
    • Interfaith B

    A note about signature lines: Since time is of the essence, we do not offer changes to the signature lines when orders are placed through the “Ketubah Tomorrow” program. The “standard” signature lines are listed below.

    Orthodox & Conservative
    2 Witnesses (Hebrew portion) / Bride, Groom, 2 Witnesses, Rabbi (English portion)

    Bride, Groom, 2 Witnesses, Rabbi (English)

    Bride, Groom, 2 Witnesses, Officiant (English)

4. SHIPPING: Your options include Second-Day, Next-Day or Saturday delivery, if they are available for your shipping address. We will be able to tell you the shipping cost when you call in your order. (See below.)

5. HOW TO ORDER: To get a “Ketubah Tomorrow,” you must call us at 888-336-4224 (Int’l: 941-373-0471) to place your order by phone. (Sorry: No online ordering discounts apply.)

This ensures that we have your order, there are no questions or problems with it AND we can give you a firm ship date.

    • All orders phoned in before 12 PM EST, Monday – Friday will generally print and ship that same day.
    • Orders phoned in after 12 PM EST, Monday – Friday will generally ship the next business day.
    • Holidays are excluded
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