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Frame Material/Color:
Matte Color: Black

Note: Each frame is custom assembled to accommodate your ketubah’s dimensions.

Lead time for a framed ketubah is
approximately 4-6 weeks.

Prices do not include shipping.
Ground shipping is $30.

Click on the frame and matte samples below to find the perfect combination for your ketubah.

Wood Frames        
Black wooden ketubah frame. Cherry wooden ketubah frame. Natural wooden ketubah frame. Pecan wooden ketubah frame. Walnut wooden ketubah frame.
Black Cherry Natural Pecan Walnut
Matte Colors                  
Black ketubah matte. Black ketubah matte. Black ketubah matte. Black ketubah matte. Black ketubah matte. Black ketubah matte. Black ketubah matte. Black ketubah matte. Black ketubah matte. Black ketubah matte.
Black White Tan Light Brown Dark Yellow Dark Green Light Green Dark Blue Orange Maroon

Note: The colors on your screen may not accurately portray the frame and matte colors.

How to choose your ketubah frame:

We offer five different wooden frames -- Walnut, Cherry, Pecan, Natural, and Black. You can combine those with ten different matte colors -- Black, White, Tan, Light Brown, Dark Yellow, Dark Green, Light Green, Dark Blue, Orange, and Maroon.

As you are shopping for your ketubah, click the link on any ketubah detail page that says "View Framing Options" to see your favorite ketubah with all of our available frame and matte options.

Click on each frame/matte color combination icon to see which frame and matte best suites your taste.

It is a good idea to purchase the frame of your choice at the time you purchase your ketubah. We need to have both the ketubah and frame at the same time to ensure proper fit and installation, so ordering them at the same time will eliminate the need and cost for you to ship your ketubah back to us or have us reprint your ketubah for you ($75 for paper, $100 for canvas). Also, we do not recommend purchasing one of our special hinged frames after your ceremony (or to arrive after your ceremony). In those instances, you will be paying a premium for the patented hinged mechanism, which is something you no longer need. It would be best for you to simply take your ketubah to a local framer to have it framed professionally.

Lead time:

Framing generally adds an additional 2 weeks to the ketubah ordering process from the time you approve your proof, so count on 3 weeks total turnaround time plus shipping time. If your wedding is within a month, and you have your heart set on a frame, contact us, and we'll see if we can make it happen.

Canvas Edition ketubahs:

One of the beautiful aspects of canvas is it does not need to be framed behind glass. With that in mind, you can have your Canvas Edition ketubah with a contemporary Museum Wrap (white edges) or Gallery Wrap (artwork on edges) or our Canvas Frame (no matte or glass), so you won't lose the beauty of the texture of the canvas for which you paid extra.

Framing other artists' work:

Please note that, because we are not a full-service framer, we sell our frames for our own ketubahs only. (That way, we control the entire process and, if something goes wrong, we can fix the ketubah as well).

Therefore, we do not sell frames for ketubahs purchased from other companies.

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