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Intertwined Ketubah by Claire Carter.
by Claire Carter

About Interfaith Ketubah Texts

A ketubah text in the United States typically contains two portions: one in English and one in Hebrew or Aramaic. (Aramaic is the ancient language of the Talmud, which uses Hebrew characters but is actually a different language.)

Things to Keep in Mind as You Choose
Your Interfaith Ketubah Text

At MP Artworks, you have the opportunity to choose:

  • both English and Hebrew or
  • just English.

Most couples will choose to have both English and Hebrew/Aramaic, but Israeli couples sometimes prefer to have the Hebrew-only text, since that is their native tongue. Some Interfaith couples select only English.

About Interfaith Ketubah Texts
• Things to Keep in Mind
• Interfaith Text Options
• See Also
Love Story II Ketubah by Michelle Dwyer.
Love Story II
by Michelle Dwyer

If one of you is not Jewish, you will probably want to select one of the Interfaith texts, which are non-denominational versions of the Reform texts. In order to make the non-Jewish partner more comfortable, these ketubah texts avoid the use of phrases such as "the traditions of Moses and Israel," "in the spirit of the Jewish tradition" and "according to the laws and traditions that began with Abraham and Sarah and continued through Moses and the people of Israel."

As with our Reform texts, the Hebrew portion is always a direct translation of the English. Although most couples select Hebrew and English, you may choose to have just one, or you may choose to write your own vows for a completely customized text.

Interfaith Ketubah Text Options at MP Artworks

You may choose from several Interfaith texts, which can be viewed by clicking the links below.

Interfaith Texts

Interfaith Ketubah Text I - Interfaith Hebrew and English I (Also available in English-only version.)
Interfaith Ketubah Text II - Interfaith Hebrew and English II (Also available in English-only version.)
Interfaith Ketubah Text III - Interfaith Hebrew and English III (Also available in English-only version.)
Interfaith Ketubah Text IV - Interfaith Hebrew and English IV (Also available in English-only version.)
Interfaith Ketubah Text V - Interfaith Hebrew and English V (Also available in English-only version.)

Or, you may choose to write your own vows by selecting to have a custom ketubah text.

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