Choosing Your Ketubah Design and Text

Trying to settle on a favorite ketubah design or text? Below, we answer some of the questions our clients often ask as they are just getting started.

Q. How should we select our ketubah design? Are we limited in any way or can we mix and match any design with any text?

A. We’ve got good news (and bad news) for you.

First, the good news. Your choice of ketubah design is not limited by the text in any way.

You see, artists who print lithographs are limited to a certain number of text/design combinations (so the design you like may only be available with specific texts). At MP Artworks, our giclée printing process allows you to pair ANY Ketubah Studio design with almost ANY Ketubah Studio text you wish!* So, go ahead and find the Ketubah Studio design that best suits your taste and reflects your personalities. Then pair it with your favorite Ketubah Studio text. (You have more than 30 texts to choose from, or you can write your own!)

The bad news? We have so many wonderful and unique ketubah designs, you may find it hard to narrow it down to just one, but that’s part of the fun! Plus, we make it easy for you to start the selection process. You can narrow your search by using the Advanced Search to find only ketubot that meet various options (including artist, color, style, theme or saying).

* Orthodox (No English) and Conservative (No English) texts cannot be split over multiple text areas. Designs with multiple text areas should be avoided if you are choosing one of these texts.

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Q. How should we select our text?

A. Choosing the ketubah text that’s right for you can be a bit daunting, particularly because of the flexibility we offer and the lack of hard-and-fast rules.

Let’s start you off with some guidelines:

• If both of you are Jewish, then you will want to look at the Orthodox, Conservative, Reform, or Secular Humanistic ketubah texts, depending upon the movement with which you and your officiant are associated.

• If the design you choose has two areas for text -- one for the English portion and one for the Aramaic portion -- you should not choose “Orthodox (No English)” or “Conservative (No English)” as your text. Jewish Law does not permit us to split the Aramaic portion of the text into two parts, and without an English text portion, there would be a blank in your design. Therefore, the Orthodox (No English) and Conservative (No English) options are not available with designs that feature two text areas.

• If you are having an Interfaith wedding (only one of you is Jewish), you should start by looking at the Interfaith ketubah texts.

• If you are searching for a text that does not make any religious references , take a look at our Secular (Nonreligious) texts.

• If you are looking for a text appropriate for gay and lesbian ceremonies, check out our Commitment texts.

• Finally, if the ketubah is commemorating an anniversary celebration , you may choose the Anniversary ketubah text.

You will always want to consult with your rabbi or other wedding officiant when selecting and personalizing a ketubah text. Your officiant may require you to use (or to not use) one specific text or another. Even officiants of a particular Jewish movement can often differ with regard to how a specific text should read.

Remember, we can arrange ANYTHING you and your officiant desire! We can customize our texts so they are perfect for you -- often, minor adjustments will be free of charge -- or we can incorporate your own custom text. Just let us know what you need!

Click the links below for detailed information about each text option.

• About Orthodox Ketubah Texts
• About Conservative Ketubah Texts
• About Reform Ketubah Texts
• About Interfaith Ketubah Texts
• About Secular Humanistic Ketubah Texts
• About Secular (Nonreligious) Ketubah Texts
• About Commitment Ketubah Texts
• About Anniversary Ketubah Texts

• Custom Texts – See FAQ > Services > Customization > Customized Texts



Q. How will the text look if we choose Hebrew-only or English-only?
How will the design look if the text we prefer is longer/shorter than the text shown on the site/in the catalog?

A. Since each ketubah is “printed to order,” we will ensure your text appropriately fits your chosen ketubah design. For example, if the text you have chosen is shorter or longer than the one shown on the design’s detail page, the size of the fonts and spacing will be adjusted to make sure your text looks appropriate in the context of the design.

If you choose a Hebrew/Aramaic-only or English-only text, we will also size it so it looks appropriate on your ketubah. Or, if the design is one where the Hebrew/Aramaic and English are split apart, we will usually split your chosen text between the two sections.

Since it is generally considered unacceptable for the Aramaic portion of an Orthodox or Conservative text to be split, we do not offer Orthodox (No English) or Conservative (No English) as text options for ketubah designs where the Hebrew/Aramaic and English are in two areas. Usually, it is not a problem to split a modern Hebrew text.


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