Custom Ketubah Text Colors:

Change the Color of Your Ketubah Text!

Price: $30

On the ketubah design of your choice, the text is shown in navy blue, but you’d really rather have it in red… like the third flower from the right.

We can do that.

Choose “Custom Text Color” – it’s on the second tab of the online order form – and describe your text color change request. (If you can point us to a similar color on the design itself, just like the example above, it really helps us get it right the first time!)

Examples of Custom Ketubah Text Color:

Original Design


Ketubah with original text color.


click to enlarge

Design with Changed Text Color


Ketubah with custom text color.


click to enlarge


Ketubah text changed from orange to purple to match one of the buildings in the painting.

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