Get a Ketubah Sample

Not sure about a particular ketubah design? Preview it.

Your ketubah is a very personal decision, and we understand that it may not be easy to choose among designs.

We do have large views of each of our ketubot -- just click on the detail picture -- and we have brochures available that may feature the design you are considering. However, there's nothing like seeing it in person.

You can order a sample of any paper or canvas print design.

While it will be smaller than the finished ketubah (at 8 1/2" x 11"), but it will be on the same paper and will use the same printing process as the real thing.

  • We will choose a random text* for the sample -- after all, this is just a sample! -- and charge you $20 for the first sample you order.
  • Each additional sample will be $10.
  • If you end up ordering a ketubah from us, just mention that you ordered a sample from us, and we'll deduct $20 from your order. ( Please be sure to give us the name you ordered it under, if it's different. )

Currently, more than 98% of our sample clients have ordered a ketubah!

If you're still not sure or just feel the need to see a full-size ketubah sample in person, contact us. We'll help put you in touch with an MP Artworks Authorized Dealers near you.

* That is, the text may be one of our standard texts, or it may be a custom text. If you want to purchase the text exactly as it appears on your sample -- and the sample features a custom text -- our "custom text" charge will apply.

My Love's Ring I Ketubah by Micah Parker.

My Love's Ring I Ketubah
by Micah Parker

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