Growing Romance II | Michelle Dwyer

Growing Romance II
Michelle Dwyer
Original Giclee
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Standard : 19.5" x 19.5"
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Growing Romance is about the continuous strength and growth of the couple's relationship. The commencement of the marriage plants the tree firmly into the earth. The tree's roots are the foundation of the relationship. As the tree grows and stretches toward the sky, limbs begin to branch out representing life's events and memories. The branches create a web like design that binds the couple's love together. Circular shapes, reminiscent of wedding rings, denote the leaves. Two white doves symbolize a life-long union between the couple.
Michelle Dwyer's work is primarily digital, but she employs traditional drawing expertise and techniques to translate her designs to the computer. Color theory, line, rhythm, repetition and balance are all important qualities of her contemporary design style, which is influenced by Japanese prints and the arts and crafts movement. The subject matter for her ketubah designs is drawn from traditional Jewish and marriage symbolism. She then merges these with modern technology to create striking images with a spiritual harmony.

"I prefer to do my work digitally, for the control and tight precision it allows," explains Michelle. "My work is very linear, contrasted by soft-colored gradients, which is ideal for the vector-based illustration program." She continues, "I generally draw out my designs first, by hand, and then redraw them using the computer."

Michelle's French grandfather, who also is a gifted artist and teacher, was a primary influence in her decision to pursue a career in... read more
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