Daybreak | Doris Katz

Doris Katz
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ketubah4less : 12.5" x 16.5"
Standard : 16.5" x 22"
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A huge fan of Mark Rothko, Doris Katz pays homage to her artistic idol by creating works in the same artistic style made famous by Rothko.
Doris Katz studied art when she was young and caught up in the expressionistic, modern art that was all the rage of the day. But as happens to many budding young artists, "real" life takes over. She married soon after college and became a stay-at-home mother of three and eventually a grandmother of seven. But she never lost her interest in art, and through the years created many works that adorned her family's home. She never saw her pieces hang in galleries nor did she have her own exhibits, but that didn't deter her from continuing to create her beautiful paintings. Sometime after her passing we were contacted by one of her children who was shopping for a ketubah for her own daughter. She saw ketubot on our site that had been created from other works of fine art and wanted to know if it would be possible to do the same for Doris' original paintings. That encounter eventually led to our carrying Doris' designs as part of our regular line of ketubot. Most of these works were old and damaged or faded, so we had to do... read more
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