Custom/Commissioned Ketubagh Design:

Have an Idea in Mind? We Can Make It Reality!

Please e-mail/call for quote.

From modifying an existing design to creating a completely custom ketubah specifically for you, MP Artworks’ art department is up to the task!

Give us a call (888-336-4224) or choose “Custom Design” on the order form, describe your idea, and we’ll get back to you with a quote.

The options are truly endless!

Examples of Custom Ketubah Designs:

Example #1


Custom Photo Ketubah Designs by MP Artworks Example #1.


Variation of Celtic Ketubah by Micah Parker.


click to enlarge

Example #2


Custom Photo Ketubah Designs by MP Artworks Example #2.


Inspired by image supplied by client.


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Example #3


Star of the Beloveds Custom-Vivid Ketubah by Micah Parker.


Star of the Beloveds Custom - Vivid by Micah Parker


Ketubah design incorporates the bride and groom's Hebrew names in the creation of the Star of David design.


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Ketubah Studio by MP Artworks
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