Looking for a cool ketubah? Look no further.

Unlike some other self-titled “cool ketubahs” on the web, ours are the real thing! We’ve got over 200 designs, so yes some of them appeal to those with more traditional tastes. But “cool” can mean different things to different people - from clever to slick, or understated to eye-popping, and we’ve got them all.

Most importantly, you can pair your favorite cool ketubah design with a variety of our texts from Orthodox to Reform, Interfaith to Secular, choose English only or include the appropriate Hebrew/Aramaic, and you’ll have yourself a cool ketubah that you’ll be proud to show to your friends but will also get the job done for your rabbi or officiant.

Here are a few of our most popular cool ketubahs:

Circle of Love I - Portrait Ketubah by Micah Parker Mazel Tov! Ketubah by Micah Parker Love Story II Ketubah by Michelle Dwyer Streets of Desire Ketubah by Micah Parker
Circle of Love I - Portrait Mazel Tov! Love Story II Streets of Desire

But we encourage you to check out all of our ketubah designs to find the cool ketubah that matches YOUR personality! Or since there are so many, start by narrowing your choices by selecting the ketubah style that matches your own:

Choose your ketubah with an abstract artistic style.



These ketubahs feature an innovative artistic style.



Ketubot with a Pop Art style.


Pop Art

These ketubahs feature a progressive artistic style.



These ketubahs are very stylized.



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