Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Having Fun, Doing Good, Cute Kitties - Not a Bad Night!

At the end of February, MP Artworks held its annual office party (yes, we hold ours in February - actually, it's usually in January - we just like to be absolutely clear it's not a Xmas party but just an annual office-fest!) and we decided to do something different. 

Now, there's just a few of us at the office - Micah and me, Esta (our General Manager and overall "Quarterback"), KC (or as we call him, "Captain Chat," since he's the one who spends most of his time talking to clients), and Tim (Production Manager or, as we prefer, "The Prince of Printmaking" since Tim's the one who does all of the custom work and prints out all of our ketubot and chuppot). It just happened that a local cat shelter in Sarasota, the Cat Depot, was having their annual Cat'sino Night around the time of our scheduled office party, and we all agreed that would be a fun way to spend an evening. There was great food (including one of those chocolate fountains where you dip fruit and marshmallows into a lava flow of chocolate - seriously delicious and extremely perfect for our chocolate-obsessed office), dancing, and casino tables. You played for casino tickets and at the end of the night put your tickets in the raffle prize you wanted. Plus they shot up pictures of cute cats and kittens all night.

Well, we had a terrific night together. Overall the company donated $1,500 to the Cat Depot, a cause near and dear to our hearts (we have 4 cats at home). Tim and his wife, Lori, found a table with killer luck, and KC's daughter and son-in-law were able to join us to learn KC's long-held blackjack secrets. And when the raffles were called, our little office (with 6 people there total) won 3 prizes. Here's a pic of us with our loot we won! 
(From L to R: KC's daughter Ray, KC, KC's son-in-law Rich, Micah, Tim's wife Lori, Tim, me, and Esta)

A terrific time for a terrific cause. Gotta love that.


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