Thursday, May 22, 2008

What's an Interfaith Couple To Do?

There are more and more interfaith couples getting married every day, where one partner is Jewish and the other is not. Often times, the Jewish partner wants to incorporate the Jewish traditions into the wedding, even if they do not have the exact significance in an interfaith context. The ketubah is one such item.

OK, so technically it may not be considered a "ketubah" by many, but an interfaith ketubah will serve the purpose of honoring a Jewish wedding tradition and commemorating your vows in what may be your first fine art print that will hang in your home and remind you of that most special day, forever!

So, how do you find this so-called "Interfaith ketubah"?? It's simple. At MP Artworks, you can pair any text with any design, so start by choosing a design that inspires you both. You might even want a design that incorporates the ethnicity or background of the other person, such as our Celtic Tree of Life design by Claire Carter, or Tropical Paradise by Michele Rainer, or Impression:Sunrise by Micah Parker (Maine). Then look over our interfaith texts and see what works best for you (remember - you can always modify ours or use your own custom text). That's it - you've now created YOUR perfect "Interfaith Ketubah."

Here are a couple of important links that should help you move in the right direction:


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