Saturday, May 31, 2008

Umm, hi, we're in France, and we need another ketubah!

So, the call went something like this:

Stressed Out Bride: "Ummm, Hi, MP Artworks? My name is Stressed Out Bride. We ordered our ketubah from you. We got it weeks ago and it was gorgeous, just beautiful, but there's a problem."

MP Artworks: "Problem? What can we do for you?"

Stressed Out Bride:"Well, my fiance and I are getting married in France, and we just got here and noticed that we don't have our ketubah! We had it with my dress and my fiance's tux when we boarded the first plane in New York, but now we've lost it. Can you help us? Even if we could afford it, we don't have time for international service. The wedding is soon! Is there any way you can email us our ketubah?"

MP Artworks: "Of course! MP Artworks to the Rescue!"

OK, maybe that wasn't exactly how it went, but you get the idea. This is a real story of one of the real couples who recently bought their ketubah from us. It's just one of the crazy stories we hear all the time. In this instance, we were able to email her both a copy of her text only as well as a pdf of the image so that they could either just print out the text to have something to sign or, if they could finagle it to find a good fine art printer, they could actually print out their ketubah. If not, when they get back, we can reprint their ketubah for them and even "marry" (if you'll excuse the pun) the signatures with their ketubah so everything's on one, beautiful, archival document.

We've heard lots of these stories. Left it at the reception, the cat ate it, fiance forgot it, etc. We even had one couple who were getting married right after 9/11 happened and they couldn't get back to their apartment near the WTC to get their ketubah for the wedding. We even had one couple who decided to have someone else "personalize" their ketubah (fill in the blanks). Here's what they got:

In all of these cases, the couple could take advantage of the fact that we print fine art giclees, so that we could literally "reprint" their ketubah for a small fee without any fuss. Not a bad service, eh?

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